Waissman Group provides uniform and consistent advice and guidance to all levels of the organization regarding international trade matters.

Waissman Goup provides technical advice on matters such as classification, valuation, marking and labeling, special trade programs, record keeping, country of origin, global trade management systems, policies and procedures, broker management, and/or export controls.

WaissmanGroup provides consulting on strategic projects related to international trade.Partners with the business in the development and implementation of import / export policies, practices and procedures.

Waissman Group delivers training and updates concerning compliance risk areas, trends, and existing laws and regulations and developments in applicable laws and regulations.Coordinates involvement of other functional partners, such as Finance, Risk Management, Tax, IT, Procurement, Supply Planning, Logistics, etc.

Disposables & Consumables | Medical Supplier: 
Waissman Group can offer you physical products and network of new suppliers world wide, that will help boost your business. Waissman Capital supplies a large range of cost-effective Medical Consumables and supplies, ranging from surgical mask , gloves and syringes to needles. Providing all conformity letter, medical and health registration certificate for smooth import and export of your consumable products.

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Lead Generation:
One of the major purposes of Marketing is to attract qualified buyer and seller. Our Lead Generator is a proven, highly productive, lead generation and lead management system. It's a cost effective way to capture, qualify, and distribute real time exclusive buyer leads for your agents. These are potential buyers that specifically search in your geographic area for stock.

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We provide brand analysis, market research, competitive analysis, project management, content writing & maintenance.
Whatever your product is, we will find the most effective ways to brand it online.

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Consumer Electronics Buy & Sell:
We cultivate relationships with large vendors and are able to negotiate much lower rates for our clients. Our team of professional will locate the most targeted and cost effective products to make sure it meets your target goals.

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Affiliate Marketing:
Our affiliate department has the experience and expertise to assist you in increasing revenues for your business. If you are looking for innovative affiliate partnership opportunities - you found them!

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